Blackburn Rovers Football Club Profile

Blackburn Rovers Football Club Facts

John Lewis and Arthur Constantine founded Blackburn Rovers F.C. in November 1875; Lewis actually played in the first side fielded by the club. Two years later Rovers formed part of the Lancashire Football Association along with 23 other teams from surrounding areas. They won their first title in 1884, with an FA Cup victory followed by a string of FA Cup wins in the following seasons.

In the 1889-1890 season, Blackburn Rovers claimed its fourth FA cup victor followed by its fifth the very next season. What followed was a long period of struggle suffered by many football clubs at the time either from financial troubles or club relegations. Although they became league champions in 1912 and 1914, and F.A Cup winners in 1928, this FA Cup win was their last major trophy for nearly 70 years.

They spent a significant amount of time in the Second Division after WWII right up to the 1990s. Jack Walker bought Blackburn Rovers in 1991, and by making millions of pounds available to purchase new players with, Walker lifted the club from the Second Division to Champions of the Premier League in the 1994-95 season. They were relegated to the First Division in the 1998/1999 season, but regained their position in the Premier Division in 2000-2001 where they have remained ever since.

After dismal performances at the 2007/2008 UEFA Cup and FA Cup football tournaments, Blackburn Rovers also lost Mark Hughes as manager. Hughes resigned as club manager after a vacancy became available at Manchester City F.C, leaving Paul Ince in charge. Ince’s three year contract was cut short due to poor results from the club’s performance in 2008. Former manager of Bolton Wanderers and Newcastle United, “Big Sam” Allardyce has since taken the place as Blackburn Rovers Football Club manager.

Ewood Park Stadium

Ewood Park stadium, situated on the banks of the River Darwen in Lancashire, has been the home ground of Blackburn Rovers since the summer of 1890 and is the oldest consecutive home of a Premier League team. It is an all-seater multi-sports facility with a capacity of 31,367.

The ground is divided into four sections: Darwen End, Riverside Stand, Blackburn End, and Jack Walker Stand. The club has the honour of featuring their logo corner flags of Ewood Park Stadium after winning the FA Cup for three years in a row. An interesting distinction of Ewood Park is the prayer room that welcomes members of any faith, this feature is exclusive to Blackburn Rovers home ground that is not offered at any other English Premier League Football Club stadium.

Supporters and Rivalries

Several Blackburn Rovers supporters groups exist, with much of the focus of these groups of facilitating trips to Ewood Park Stadium. The average game attendance is roughly 20,000 spectators.

The main rivals of Blackburn Rovers are the Bolton Wanderers, Burnley (East Lancashire Derby), Manchester United, Manchester City, and Preston North End.