English Football Clubs

The clubs participating in English football are some of the oldest in the world. Over the past century the rise and fall of the great English clubs has been keenly followed by football fans around the world, and today several English football clubs boast massive fans clubs in dozens of different countries.

The Elite English Football Clubs

While several clubs have enjoyed short periods of dominance in English football, three have developed fearsome reputations and financial resources and are regarded as some of the most powerful institutions in world football:

Manchester United: Arguably the best supported club on the globe, Manchester United first rose to prominence in the the 1950s, when Busby’s Babes ruled English and European football. When many members of this team were killed in a plane crash it took the club decades to rebuild, eventually re-emerging as a giant in the 1990s.

Liverpool: Liverpool FC has been a cultural institution in England for decades. The club is not only one of the most successful in English football, it is also the most successful English club in European competition. While the club was originally famous for its working class roots it has emerged as a melting pot for international football superstars.

Arsenal: For decades Arsenal was London’s premier football club, and games at Highbury drew legions of ardent supporters. Barring a brief lapse in the 1960s, Arsenal has won league titles every decade since 1930. Today it is the richest club in world football and continues to challenge for top honours every year.

Chelsea: Chelsea are the latest addition to the English football club elite. After years in the wilderness, excepting a single title in the 1950s, Chelsea emerged as a powerful force in around the turn of the millennium, when Roman Abramovich purchased the club and poured millions of pounds into its coffers. This helped Chelsea win several titles and consolidate their status as one of the finest clubs in club football.

The Best of the Rest

While the top four clubs in English football attract the lions share of international media attention, dozens of other English football clubs are followed by fans around the world. The likes of Everton, Portsmouth and Newcastle boast legions of passionate supporters and routinely sell out their domestic fixtures.

Many of England’s greatest football clubs spend time in the second division, where their most loyal supporters continue to back them and look forward to the day when they will reemerge as powers in English Football.