Portsmouth Football Club Profile

Portsmouth Football Club Facts

Portsmouth football club was founded on 5th April 1898 under local brewery owner John Brickwood. Frank Bretell was the first manager of Portsmouth until 1901. Bretell was also one of the foundeing members of Everton F.C and a past manager of Liverpool F.C.

After joining the Southern League in 1899, Portsmouth were very successful in their first season, winning 20 out of 28 football league matches. This early success was shortlived, and Portsmouth were relegated in 1910-11. The recruitment of Bob Brown as manager helped the team regain their place in the Southern League for the following season.

After WWI, they slowly played their way up the divisions, and were promoted to the first division in the 1926-27 season.

Several years of struggle later, they finally won their first FA cup trophy in 1938-39. Their fortunes waxed and waned in the post WWII years as they struggled with relegation and financial issues. It was only when Harry Redknapp took over as manager in early 2002 that their fortunes took a turn for the better; they were promoted to the Premier League in 2003 after winning the Division One Championship.

Portsmouth finished in the bottom half of the Premier League points table for their first three seasons, they achieved a place in the top half of the points table for the first time in the 2007-2007 season, and won the FA cup in 2008 earning them a place in the 2008-09 UEFA Cup.

Harry Redknapp left the club in 2008 to take over Tottenham Hotspur F.C leaving assistant manager Tony Adams in charge. Adams’ stay at Portsmouth was shortlived as he was sacked in February 2009 – the managerial post at Portsmouth F.C was left vacant.

Fratton Park Stadium

Fratton Park Stadium, located in Portsmouth, was designed by the celebrated football stadium architect,  Archibald Leitch,  and built in 1898. Its current maximum capacity of 20,688 makes it the smallest maximum capacity stadium of any club playing in the Premier League.

It is also the only football stadium in the English professional league to be located off the British mainland. Although it has been the home ground of Pompey since their foundation, due to its age and lack of development, it falls short of the standards of the other Premier League Club stadiums. Several failed proposals to expand the stadium facilities resulted in a new effort to relocated the clubs’ home ground.

Plans are underway to build a new stadium at Horsea Island, between Stamshaw and Port Solent, with an excepted capacity of around 40 000.

Portsmouth Supporters and Rivalries

Portsmouth supporters have an old reputation for football hooliganism and are known as the Blue Army due to the colour of their kit. They are famous for singing the “Pompey Chimes” at games in Fratton Park. The club has two main rivals, Southhampton and Plymouth Argyle.

Southampton have been rivals of Portsmouth football club since the 1960s, although the Southcoast or Hampshire Derby has occurred only infrequently as these two teams have played in different divisions for much of their history. There have been a total of 67 games between the clubs, with Portsmouth winning only 20 of these.

Plymouth Argyle is also a traditional rival of Portsmouth, with matches between these two sides known as the Dockyard Derby, Naval Derby, or Battle of the Ports.